Ash Koosha

              Inspired by the teachings of Sufism, "Mudafossil" symbolically reinterprets our struggle with the notions of "self" and "spiritual truth" and follows the journey of the modern man through the esoteric path (Tariqat) towards mystical truth (Haqiqa) and finally unio mystica (Marifa) or the ultimate knowledge.

"Mudafossil" re-imagines the ambiguity of Sufist school of thought through enigmatic elements adopted from Iranian poetry such as water, vegetation, sky, and the human figure all of which have played important metaphorical roles in shaping Iranian literature where they implicitly reference man's spiritual quest. "Mudafossil" embraces such emblems in the context of present-day, as an effort in re-contextualizing ancient, divine and sacred inquiries in the realm of technological advancement, scientific progress, and contemporary complexities.

Music video for "Mudafossil" from “I AKA I” by Ash Koosha
In collaboration with Dalena Tran