Petty Passion


              An exploration of intimacy, "Petty Passion" is a symbolic take on the nature of human relations in an overly dissociated and desensitized climate; exhibiting a curious and at times bizarre exchange. A tableaux of emotions and instinctual traits, or lack thereof, the film examines a peculiar relationship through a monotonic palette. It illustrates an intertwined portrait of mortal desires and begins by exploring ideas of detachment, isolation, and indifference while gradually demonstrating the consequential violence, and grief that follow unrequited affection. For its final act, "Petty Passion" delivers a symbiosis of conflicting and complementing emotions, where all expressions and sentiments are synchronously present. Celebrating and mourning at once, "Petty Passion" is an ode to all that one could feel.

Music video for "Petty Passion", from "Ruinism" by Lapalux